Anvil media Builds TSA Pre✓ Brand Product Brand


the product brand TSA Pre✓® is not well known.

How many times have you stood in line at the airport watching others breeze through security with no hassle?  


The  (TSA)Transportation Safety Administration  TSA Pre✓® allows low-risk  travelers to experience faster, more efficient screening at  participating U.S. airport checkpoints for domestic and international  travel.

By enrolling in TSA Pre✓®, you too can  breeze through security. Keep your shoes, jacket and belt on; your  laptop in its case; 3-1-1 compliant liquids in your bag; and enjoy a  better overall travel experience.

Passage (Distribution):

Previously, TSA Pre✓® was  only available to members of certain frequent flyer programs through  participating airlines and to CBP Global Entry members. Now, the TSA  has expanded TSA Pre✓® marketing for anyone wishing to apply at one of the growing  number of airport locations or authorized IdentoGO® Centers.

TSA did not promote the service. That was left to the authorized dealers. 


Anvil accepted the challenge



The Spin Tools Challenge:
MorphoTrust USA,  operators of TSA Pre-Check services provided by IdentoGO, came to Anvil,  Portland's Award-winning Integrated Marketing Agency, with a goal to  enroll 72,000 new U. S. participants for 2016 in their product brand TSA Pre-Check  Known Traveler Verification Program using the same budget each month  throughout the year.

Spin Tools Strategy:
Capitalizing  on recent press coverage of horrific travel conditions and extended  security line wait times, Anvil allocated dollars away from Display and  Social ads to maximize coverage for the spike in Search volume around  “TSA Pre-Check.”

 Additionally, Kent Lewis and Anvil recommended that IdentoGO expand Search Ad  targeting to include the entire nation, not just the markets that  IdentoGO operates enrollment centers in. 

Kent Lewis, President



With Anvil's help, IdentoGO shattered the enrollment goal for this product brand that had been set at the beginning of the year.

The  goal for the year was 72000 enrollments. IdentoGO finished Q2 with just  over 121,000 enrollments, obliterating the marketing goal for the quarter and  surpassing the entire goal for 2016.

   • 2016 Q2 Enrollment: +580.75% of Goal
   • 2016 Q2 Cost-Per-Click: -31.77% of Goal
   • 2016 Q2 Click-Through-Rate: +247.92%

Courtesy Anvil Media

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