Judy Sugg, "Mindful Mentor" Coach Brand Story

Judith Sugg provides mindful  mentoring based on her psychological training, expertise in personal  change, schooling in NLP, and practical knowledge of interpersonal  communications.




Touch at least 1000 working women a  year that are seeking a mindfulness mindset. Inspire them to live  passionately to distill the moment.


Clients  describe Judy as “a teacher that brings perspective to visualization”  They say in testimonials that she helps them become their “very own  mirror,” to “value my inner critic--it doesn’t have to be silenced just  brought on board and recognized.” They say she has taught them,  “different ways of self talk,” and “I am stronger than I think I am.”

For them, her coach brand is a Mindful Mentor


The  position, as so often is the case flowed from the mission providing  better focus for marketing communications by identifying the clients in simple,  direct language:

Mindfulness mentor for working women seeking clarity and full credit for their contributions.

In promotion it was agreed that it should appear as:

     Mindful Mentor


 Overall the difference for Judy was to shift her coach brand to a client/customer focus.

Value Proposition:
Your  value proposition is a promise. It tells the potential customer what  expectations will be fulfilled when they buy from you. It is a clear marketing statement, usually a paragraph in length.  Here is the one developed for Judy that incorporates all the elements of her Vision, Mission and Position:

Judith Sugg provides mindfulness mentoring based on her:  psychological training, expertise in personal change, schooling in  Neuro-Linguistic Programming and practical knowledge of interpersonal  communications.

The working women that attend her gatherings and  enroll in her one-on-one mentoring are open to innovation even though  they have struggled with how they move in the world. They come to find  clarity because they sometimes feel stuck and are certain they are not  getting full credit for their contributions.

Judy helps them  discover their true selves. She guides them to learn to control their  inner critic, get clear on outcomes and put it to work .

Here’s how it plays out in how she introduces herself:  
“I’m the Mindfulness Mentor.
You know how working women sometimes feel stuck and feel that they are not getting full credit for their contributions?  
What we do is help them discover their true selves by  
recognizing their inner critic and getting clear on outcomes.”