Coach Brand Stories

Untangling Money Knots



In 2010 Shell Tain decided that she had to build a more visible Brand in order to consider “slowing down about 2016 and  possibly passing her intellectual property on to a successor.”

She was repositioned in her marketing as "The Untangler." This powerful coach brand plays out in all of her promotional activities

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Mindfulness Mentor


 Judith Sugg provides mindful  mentoring based on her psychological training, expertise in personal  change, schooling in NLP, and practical knowledge of interpersonal  communications.

The mindful Mentor  coach brand has served her well. 

Her workshops and events now sell out regularly. 

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Science of People


 She started by making herself a guinea pig  in human behavior hacking by writing a blog and making YouTube videos  about her misadventures 

 Those early forays caught the  attention of major media outlets.  What started on a whim turned into a human behavior lab, and a viable Coach Brand. 

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