The Capital Funding Alliance Company Brand Story


CFA had trusted partner entrée in marketing to commercial loan departments in credit unions across the USA.  

All Credit Unions were offered the same access to CFA's company brand alternative funding when:

  •  Credit union is past the portfolio percentage allowable for commercial loans (12%)

  • Credit union turns down the member due to credit concerns 

  • Credit union turns down the member for any reason 

Automagic marketing

The options available for promotion or Spin Tools in today's world are, of course, the digital content capabilities but in order to actually generate business you need to consider traditional approaches as well. CFA required letters, telephone calls, printed cards for loan officials, Reference notes for CFA applicants and on-going telephone contact with both loan officials and applicants.

Programmed for success


Capital Funding Alliance uses our financial knowledge, honestly and with integrity, to become a trusted partner to credit unions solving financing problems for their small business members in innovative ways quickly and profitably.


Quickly solve small business financing problems for referred Credit Union members.


Innovative capital funding for credit union members that need it now to expand or replace equipment.

As it would appear in print:

Innovative Capital Funding Now

Value Proposition:

As a trusted partner of credit unions, the Capital Funding Alliance brand uses  financial knowledge of alternative funding resources to solve commercial financing problems for credit union small business members in innovative ways.

The credit union members may have a credit problem, are a start-up or have other financial history concerns that do not meet the requirements of the business services department of the credit union. They are likely to work with a bank as well as the credit union and are suspicious of all “financial types.”

The member's need is immediate. They are either suffering from broken equipment or the need for new equipment in order to meet deadlines that impact their bottom line now.

Strategic partners, credit union managers and credit union members must all be convinced that CFA moves as quickly as possible to provide innovative capital funding solutions and do it honestly.

When the credit union can't fund the member and the member's business needs capital funding yesterday they need to know that the CFA company brand are the go-to guys.




Within one month revenues for the company brand had increased by 27%. 

The rate of sign ups of Credit Unions in the program went from 0 to 40/month. 

In the following three months the trend continued. 

The company sold 6 months later at a significant multiple..