KDi Americas consultant brand story



Dr.  Nancy Harkrider came back to the United States from Singapore, the  headquarters of KDI (Knowledge Drivers International), in 2014. For 15  years she had worked shoulder to shoulder with Tan Kim Leng, Founder and  Managing Director of the company which specializes in Change Management for countries and multi-national organizations across Asia and Africa.

As  a director of the company, she was charged with setting up an office in  the USA establishing a consultant brand,plus founding and marketing the publishing arm of the company.



Vision: Initially was to serve only the United States but given the proven capabilities of the organization that shifted to:

Become the “go to” change management experts in the Americas for governments and multinational organizations.

The directors agreed that joining with
KDI Asia and KDI Africa the plan would be to launch KDI Americas and seek out Spanish Speaking consultants to join the company.

We  agreed that the web site for this consultant brand as well as publications should be offered in  English and Spanish initially and later translated into other languages  as necessary.

Adding a map to the website masthead was suggested and the young designer “Dr. Nancy” had hired responded positively. 

Mission: of the company was incorporated in the marketing in the design as well as the words: In English: Leading Change That Matters In Spanish: Lideres Del Cambio Que  



 Niche: was looked at long and hard. Experience in marketing in developing countries led to this view–Governments,  Multinational Companies and organizations that have an executive leader  committed to a specific critical initiative that requires change who  wants a proven method to meet that initial requirement as well as  develop long-term skills in the organization in a way that is culturally  congruent.  

Position: The company was positioned as the
Proven International change resource for organizations with the long view.

Outcomes: The KDI Americas consultant brand now has three senior advisors located in New York, New York that are well known in the Spanish speaking community.

The publishing arm has  now published three books, one of which, Leading Change That Matters, is on its way to becoming an international best seller.