Jeremiah Church and the C3 Start up Brand story

Bringing Digital to an Analog Industry

 In 2015, C3’s founder Jeremiah Church exhausted all options while searching for a comprehensive backflow testing application. (Backflow  testing assures that the prevention system is working to stop water  that enters a commercial establishment from flowing back into a clean  water system.) 

 Equipped with a background in backflow testing, and years of experience  in technology, Jeremiah set out to make an encompassing application that  really works for testers.

The start up brand was incorporated as:
Cross Connection Control, Inc.

That was quickly shortened to C3 

Vision, Mission and Outcome


Vision:  Simplify the management and workflow of the backflow industry to make  it more efficient for both testers and utilities by moving it from  manual systems to digital data entry reducing man hours and duplicate  data entry so that every part of America has water proven safe to drink.

Mission: Our mission is to simplify workflow in the backflow industry.

Outcome:  Water utilities, seeing the efficiencies for testers were asking for their own versions of the brand. In a little over two years the company has out maneuvered larger firms  by listening to customers and marketing an exclusive system that  requires only a smart phone for the tester and eliminates all the  frustration of operating with paper for both the tester and the support  staff.

Speaking at industry events and trade shows brought the start up brand to the attention of a Boston based hardware manufacturer in the industry who purchased the company for north of $7 Million in 2018. Jeremiah has become their go to Executive for all things digital. The company name was changed to syncta but it is still headquartered in Portland.