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The  Brand Poobah, Jerry Fletcher, founded Z-axis Marketing, Inc. when he left his position  as CEO of a successful Portland, Oregon business-to-business  advertising agency.  He has brought his strategic assistance and  proven processes to Positioning, Naming, Branding and Business  Development to all sizes of companies from garage-based high-tech  start-ups like Digimarc, which he named to international Fortune 500 Companies  such as ADC Kentrox.  

Jerry is an expert at business development who has:

  • Crafted unique, trust-based brands for 137 Independent professionals at last count.
  • Tripled a Management consultants revenues in one year.
  • Shown a subscription software business how to generate business by  speaking which led to a sale of the company north of $7 Million.
  • Raised over $500,000 in funding for a start up (Digimarc) in just 17 days
  • Increased Q1 sales of a consulting firm by  $1.2 Million with a single suggestion
  • Increased a software company's sales by 400% in 18 months by tweaking their CRM system
  • Stopped counting successful new product intros he has helped with at 207

This rainmaker is an old hand at both traditional and internet marketing   with an in-depth understanding of what works and what doesn't.  He  combines his knowledge of Positioning with a lifelong expertise in building Brand in kitchens and boardrooms. 

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