Start up Brand Stories

Elite Flight Training


 Bill Lewis, a lawyer by trade, had been training people to fly  since he returned from his service as a Navy fighter pilot flying off of  carriers. He was disenchanted with the way flight schools were  operated historically and wanted to make his avocation his primary  business.I took on marketing for this start up and helped develop the brand.

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Digital Stenography


The inventor of this remarkable start up technology, Geoff Rhoades, PhD showed it to me in the dirt-floored garage he was using as a development lab.

Geoff explained that it was an adaption of a artist's trick from the middle ages– the ability to hide information in images.  I signed on to handle marketing for this brand to be. 

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Software As A Service


 In 2015, C3’s founder Jeremiah Church exhausted all options while searching for a comprehensive backflow testing application so he set out to write the software that became the C3 brand. This start up brings an analog industry into the digital age. 

(Backflow  testing assures that the prevention system is working to stop water that enters a residential or commercial property from flowing back into a clean  water system.) 

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