Company Brand Stories

Alternative Funding



CFA, as a company Brand had trusted partner entrée to commercial loan departments in credit unions across the USA.  

All Credit Unions were offered the same access to CFA's alternative funding to quickly solve small business financing problems for referred Credit Union members.

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An Affordable Luxury


Marion's European Housekeeping is a company brand with a uniquely German approach to residential house cleaning.  We don’t free-form clean. Instead, using techniques and methods passed down two generations, we clean top-to-bottom and right-to-left, efficiently. Nothing gets missed or done twice, resulting in the highest quality work done right the first time.  

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Brand Building



All Brand development spins out of the same factors that affect human  behavior but the elements you may employ for branding as well as the impact will  vary by category.

Jerry Fletcher, Founder of Z-axis Marketing  spells  out how his process came about.

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