marion's European Housekeeping company Brand Story

A company brand with web site copy that spells out Vision, Mission and Position

We are focused on serving Wilsonville and surrounding communities, with a uniquely German approach to residential  house cleaning.  We manage our time efficiently and have designed quality control checks into our cleaning tasks and processes. We prioritize employee training to insure ​your home is cleaned right every time. Having a quality control program, also helps ​us to control cost and provide our clients greater quality at affordable rates.

At European Housekeeping, we don’t free-form clean. Instead, using techniques and methods passed down two generations, we clean top-to-bottom and right-to-left,efficiently. Nothing gets missed or done twice, resulting in the highest quality work done right the first time.  

 We carefully listen to you, our valued client and take action on things you tell us you want done, or done differently. One conversation and it is handled. 


Marion's European Housekeeping Company Brand Story


An Affordable Luxury

Marion's European Housekeeping is a company brand. It is a local,woman-owned, residential cleaning company
located in the community of Villebois in ​Wilsonville, Oregon. Our focus is on delivering value, with a high quality, tailor-made cleaning service for clients who demand the best.

We are owner ​operated and in the last ten​ years have gained a vast amount of knowledge, understanding and experience in ​premium quality, professional cleaning. Our mission is 100% customer  satisfaction. We treat our clients with immediate responsiveness and constant attention to their needs. 

We are licensed, bonded, and insured.


The business, begun when her husband lost his engineering job in the recession is now employing the full family and a select crew of cleaners.  They now service most customers from a new van wrapped with advertising for Marion's European Housekeeping, An Affordable Luxury

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