Chuck Jones, Second Opinion Consultant Brand

Chuck twisted my arm over lunch. He told me how he had “sold his book of  business” to a local financial planning firm resigned his broker’s  agreements and planned to “sorta retire” and concentrate on the other  parts of Chuck Jones & Associates.


Circumstances had changed and he needed to re-invent himself holding  on to the name visibility built over a half century in the business.

We started with the basics.

Name:   We took advantage of the recognition he had built up over the years and  combined his signature with the new service. Chuck immediately bought  the URL to begin establishing a new consultant brand

Position: years of service led him to marketing the brand using this direct statement: 

Financial Second Opinions for Men & Women  of merit who want to be sure their financial plans match their life plans. 

Trust Tools


 When you have the experience, you write a book marketing it on your website with this copy:

Chuck’s Sage Advice:
Here's the deal: This little gem is chock full of suggestions that can save you hundreds if not thousands. You pay the handling & shipping and it's yours FREE.

You give it away to generate interest in your offer and as brand proof you know  what you're  talking about. 

You speak at retirement homes and any venue that gives you an audience that has concerns. You continue networking with people that take an interest in business and building the community. 

Spin Tools:


You advertise in publications that reach the affluent such as the symphony program, the opera program, concert guides and arts guides.  You do it regularly

You test the appeals, the copy and the visuals  to find which generate action.

And test again.

You don’t give up.

You stay with it as the consultant brand slowly builds and government action makes the offer even more appealing.

Video on-line introduction



We believe every person or couple  putting money away for the future needs honest answers about the plan someone is selling them. They need advice from an independent auditor...  a second opinion.


Chuck was able to downsize his operation and continue in a business in which he had become well-established. His known expertise was transferred to this new consultant brand

Unfortunately, his wife developed Alzheimer's and now requires most of his attention.