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We are looking for three kinds of contributors:

Anyone  that has built a brand and would like to tell others what they did in  pursuit of a positive outcome. We want to hear about both the successes and the failures.

Professionals in Marketing, Advertising, PR, any field that regularly must cope with Brand Development. We want to hear what went well, what tanked and your reflections on those outcomes.  

Scientists,  researchers and others who report on Brand brain research. (We present  ideas at a 6th to 8th grade writing level so academic papers are beyond  our scope.)

Any  information you submit will be treated as confidential and you will be  asked to sign off on any use of your materials before publication.

Initially,  we would like to have your brand stories in the form demonstrated on  the site. Later, we will ask you to submit blog posts, articles,  whitepapers videos and audios that deal with Brand. 

Contact Us. Anything you submit will be identified as coming from you and we will link to your blog, website and video or audio channels. 

Frequent Contributors will be asked to provide a Bio and Photo for Contributors  our About pages.


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Tell us your story. Contact us. We provide credit to you in the write up and a link to your home page. If you are a branding professional it allows you to showcase your abilities. If you are an individual that has gone it alone we'd like to learn about failure or success. 

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