Gail Tycer Consultant Brand Story

Gail reported that her engineer type web person had moved on and that  she needed help in bringing her web site, Constant Contact and other on-line marketing “into this century.”

Vision, Mission and Position. The first thing we did was to update the web site while maintaining the solid work that had been done previously on her consultant brand.

We   put emphasis on the Positioning line “Write less, say more and get results.” using bold italic type and color scooped from the logo


Digital Product Delivery


Next, Gail began her move toward a digital delivery of all her consultant brand products.   First, some of her most requested classes were converted to “2 Minute Solutions” and made available in marketing as downloads and CDs. 

 She continues to provide a video tip each week within her Constant Contact notifier for her Blog.

Those tips are in process of being assembled into three compilations:  


Trust Tools, particularly networking, volunteering,  classes done for local colleges and working as a professional editor have been a mainstay in marketing this consultant brand but   

Spin Tools: outbound telephone, mail and some e-mail is what drives people to the web site and to make the calls that generate  live training requests for companies. 

 Through family illnesses and tough times, Gail soldiers on delivering  solid value to organizations across the Pacific Northwest. Her direct  but friendly approach turns young men and women as well as their  managers into better business writers as they learn to “write less, say  more and get results.”