Consultant Brand Stories

Expanding Change Management


Dr. Harkrider, PhD Charged with setting up an office in the USA and founding the publishing arm of the government and muti-national company change management organization based in Singapore shifted the vision to:

Become the “go to” change management experts in the Americas for governments and multinational organizations.  

Marketing this consultant brand has paid off for KDi.

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Defogger and Accelerator


 Jim  Grew, executive advisor, works with a select few senior leaders to  accelerate their impact.

His consultant brand relies on his ability to increase bandwidth and unlock hidden potential. His unique mix of  business experience and advanced psychology training is the catalyst  that clarifies a strategy for your company and helps  cut  through the fog to produce dramatic results.  

That's why he's called the "Defogger and Accelerator."

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A Second Financial Opinion


Circumstances had changed and Chuck needed to re-invent himself with a new consultant brand while holding on  to the name visibility built over a half century in the business. 

 We believe every person or couple putting money away for the  future needs honest answers about the plan someone is selling them.  They need advice from an independent auditor... a second opinion. 

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Writing is Thinking



Gail reported that her "engineer type" web person had moved on and that  she needed help in bringing her web site and other  on-line marketing “into this century” for her consultant brand.

In the updated web site emphasis was put on the Positioning line “Write less, say more and get results.” 

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When you can't afford to lose


Negotiating the sale of a company or a long term contract or even a deadlock in the boardroom requires a rare talent and approach. This first  time web site incorporates both visual and verbal differentiators for this consultant brand

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Hard lessons learned


A demonstration of how to cope with a name that  is difficult to remember, pronounce, spell and search for. 

Hard lessons learned about building and marketing a consultant brand by Jerry Fletcher.

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