Leveraged Negotiations Brand Story

Don Douglas

Don came to me recommended by two clients who were part of his mastermind group after he inquired how they came to be doing the sort of communications that had set them apart.

His background as an attorney who has run law firms, corporations and now a negotiation practice based on scientific principles has made him one of the top ten negotiators in the USA.  The practice was built with no marketing except word of mouth referrals. Don wanted to "have a more professional appearance."

As one of his clients put it: 

        “Few people have Don’s deep background and expertise. Trust him. He knows what he is doing.”

Vision: Resolve business situations that clients can’t afford to lose using collaborative negotiation science with results you’ll find exceptional.

if we could wave a magic wand, people would know that Don is all about: “Personal implementation of collaborative negotiation science to produce advantageous resolution of high stakes business situations for clients that can’t afford to lose.”  I helped him simplify that to:

Mission:  Resolving business situations clients can’t afford to lose.


Position and Persona

Leveraged Negotiations is Don Douglas. Without him the business ceases to exist. But previous verbal and graphic representations of the company did not recognize and use that fact to enhance memorability. 

Positioning Don Douglas as “the High Stakes Negotiator” was the first step in establishing a memorable persona. It establishes the Core of Trust. 

The other elements of Persona for a consultant/coach flow easily out of the position:

Product is primarily the direct consulting and coaching done by Don for his clients. In addition, product can and should be extended to include written, audio and possibly video components that assist past, current or future clients in their  need to find a way out of situations that are fear engendering. these include but are not limited to: deadlocked confrontations,  forming joint ventures or strategic partnerships, long-term contract agreements, fundamental shifts in organizations causing crises and the sale or purchase of a company.

Price will continue to be driven by what Don and his clients find acceptable. Engagements will have to provide real value to assure that repeat business is assured and/or referrals are positive.

Passage (Distribution) for the primary services offered will continue to be direct, via personal contact.

The services

An analysis of negotiations that Don had completed led to this selection of three key services featured in the web site:





This 30-Second Marketing video intro makes it possible for prospects to quickly come to know how this elite consultant can help them.

Notice the powerful call to action.

Trust Tools to include video and audio testimonials are being added to the web site plus a list of "opposing companies"(a great idea from Don).