The John Malkovich Personal Brand story

Personal Brand development, for most, is a progression of capabilities and careers.


Mr. Malkovich is best-known as an actor but he has been a director and a costume designer as well. His true passion is actually fashion design.


Malkovich/Squarespace Story Continued



The actor, who began his career as a costume designer, has released  two earlier clothing collections, the most recent in 2010. He has walked  the runway for Comme Des Garcons, directed fashion films for Bella  Freud, designed original fabrics for Liberty of London and has  collaborated with Bailey Hats, Pirelli and watch brand Richard Mille.

His release of a line, branded with his name, is just one more step in his Personal Brand changes.

Trust Tools
Often Trust Tools can play a huge roll in moving from one Personal Brand to another.

Strategic Partners can increase your impact and share costs. Squarespace (Website Development Company) is helping John Malkovich build his fashion business in its newest campaign.

About this collaboration, Mr. Malkovich says,
“I  was approached nearly two years ago by a photographer I've worked with  in Chicago, Sandro Miller. He suggested a project for Squarespace for  the David Lynch Foundation, which ended up being a recreation of scenes  from some of David's most famous characters to benefit his foundation. 



So  that's how I first came into contact with Squarespace and I thought  they were very smart. I approached them about whether they'd be  interested in helping me realize this project.

Web video can project your Personal Brand.  A three-minute video (above) has Malkovich roaming the streets of  Paris, sketching his new designs, while fielding calls from disbelieving  Hollywood colleagues about his new career path.

Facebook presence can Position you.  The ad is designed to show off Malkovich's journey and Squarespace's  role in helping him and other freelancers and entrepreneurs pursue new  careers, said Squarespace's chief creative officer David Lee.

"John's story is of change, transformation and reinvention,"  Lee said. "It's a gentle reminder that you don't have to settle with  the hand you've been dealt. These are the sorts of multifaceted  individuals we love to highlight and partner with."
Your web site  should reflect your Personal Brand Malkovich and Squarespace also  collaborated to create a custom online store to allow more people to buy  his designs.



The Outcome


The Outcome For John Malkovich it is a merging of his talents that puts his Personal Brand front and center.  

For Squarespace  it is the show stopper opening number that will make their follow up  campaign with creative individuals well watched across the social media  networks that appeal to their target group of entrepreneurs that need  high-design web sites.